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Videos to support the Key Stage 3 module on bees

Here are two videos taken by one of our educators, Carolyn Boulter.

Bee foraging

Bee foraging on ivy.


Jim Grierson on Darwin's comb building experiment

Jim Grierson of the Kent Bee-Keeper's Association talks to Dr Carolyn Boulter about Darwin's experiments to show how honeybees build their distinctive combs.


Here are two videos from ARKive on honeybees.

ARKive video - Honey bees swarming ARKive video - Honey bee eggs and larvae in cells, emerging from cell. Adult performing waggle dance

The BBC has a number of videos from its natural history unit on honeybees. There is also a video on the BBC News pages with Top Ten Facts about bees.

Two other species of bee, the bumblebee and Melipona, a stingless bee from Central and South America, make very different nests.

See more videos to support learning about the natural world.