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Help us make the ordinary extraordinary for children, young people and teachers.

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Help us make the ordinary extraordinary for children, young people and teachers.

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There is a need

Students infrequently learn science while in their local environment. They rarely have the opportunity to experience the wonder of seeing and making sense of their world, a discipline at the heart of scientific enquiry. Teachers find it difficult to take their classes outdoors because of fears about health and safety, lack of confidence to teach outside the classroom, curriculum accountability, lack of resources and support.

We have a solution

Programme modules at Down House, Darwin's home, or at another appropriate venue will inspire students and teachers who can then apply what they have learnt back in their schools. We will work with clusters of schools predominantly in urban areas that often have fewer opportunities to learn outside the classroom. We will help students to find excitement and discovery where they might least expect it. We will support teachers beyond the day at Down House and provide Darwin Inspired teaching materials, both on and off line.

What is the observable impact?

Better understanding of the value of direct experience of the natural world in scientific enquiry. Promotion of this within the school curriculum. We are sponsoring a research project to evaluate the effectiveness of Darwin Inspired learning.

Why us?

  • The calibre and track record of the education team
  • The key involvement of Darwin scholars
  • Access to Down House through partnership with English Heritage
  • Diverse working relationships with other centres of excellence in science education enrichment and the academic and research communities.

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