Whatever part man values most, that part will be found to present the greatest amount of difference. Charles Darwin

What is Darwin Inspired?

Darwin stories, Darwin's great ideas and Darwin's ways of working and thinking are inspiring for anyone learning about the natural world.

Darwin's example can promote a deep understanding and excitement about our environment, the way it works and how we affect it.

The Charles Dawin Trust, and partners, have taken Charles Darwin, the person, scientist and Victorian gentleman, his house, gardens and countryside at Downe as an inspiration for teaching and learning about Natural History.


What we do

We take Darwin's life, his home and his work, to inspire students and teachers to see and learn about natural history. Through our specially developed teaching and learning resources, we help and encourage children to explore the world, provoding a new insight into their own experiences of nature.

The teaching and learning resources have been developed using the Darwin Inspired approach. These resources are freely available to use for all teachers and students.

Partners and supporters of the Charles Darwin Trust have also published a variety of books inspired by Darwin.



Resources for teachers

The Charles Darwin have used the Darwin Inspired Learning approach to create teaching resources which teachers can use for free.

We have resources developed and freely available for Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11), Key Stage 3 (11-14) and Post-16


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