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Pupils handling worms at King Henry's Walk Gardens...Darwin stories, Darwin's great ideas and Darwin's ways of working and thinking are inspiring for anyone learning about the natural world. Darwin's example can promote a deep understanding and excitement about our environment, the way it works and how we affect it.

We have established this through evaluation of our pilot Darwin Inspired Learning programmes at Down House for primary and secondary schools and for teachers, and through recording learners' specific comments and insights.

We work directly with clusters of partner schools to embed our programmes in everyday teaching and learning. We also actively collaborate with other organisations and individuals that support science enrichment and outreach such as botanic and community gardens. Relationships often begin as 'knowledge partnerships' in which the Trust provides Darwin expertise. Longer-term programmes incorporate Continuing Professional Development for the teachers alongside  programmes for the students over a period of several months.

We are very keen to explore potential new partnerships with the education community and beyond. If you would like to get in touch use the Contact us button at the top of the page.