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Darwin Inspired Research

We are concerned to make sure that our Darwin Inspired Learning programme is supported by the very latest, best supported and most relevant scientific and pedagogical research and our education team are constantly reviewing what we do and how we do it.

The Trust is committed to drawing on and contributing to research in science education and its educators have made a significant contribution to the literature on teaching and learning in science. You can see some of the results on our Articles page. Darwin Inspired Learning builds on constructivism (Piaget, 1950), highlighting the importance of student autonomy and true enquiry based learning. It is the aim of the Trust through research within our organisation and beyond to contribute to deepening the understanding of how children learn in science and how historical, cultural and philosophical ideas can support and enhance teaching and learning. Darwin’s ways of working based on simple observation and questioning have the potential to produce a powerful but accessible model for students to investigate the natural world.

For information about ongoing scientific and pedagogical research we are undertaking, please see:

Piaget, J. (1950) The psychology of intelligence. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.