Resources for teaching post-16s

Examining drosera in the greenhouse at Down HouseThe  programme for 16-19 year olds is being finalised and will consist of curriculum-linked modules to teach major biological themes such as variation and adaptation, selection, genetics, classification and phylogeny. The modules will be:

These modules are directly linked to the current AS and A2 biology curricula for awarding bodies in England, but have worldwide relevance to science education. The materials stress how Darwin critically questioned and observed the natural world by using the living laboratory of his home and garden, and by drawing on his Beagle voyage experiences and observations.

The modules are designed to help teachers engage their students with Darwin Inspired learning, both inside and outside the classroom.  They present a fresh look at the knowledge and the concepts students need to understand for post-16 Biology and highlight the interconnectedness of both life and science. Interviews with contemporary scientists, working in the same areas as Darwin, are used to stimulate students' understanding of how scientists work today, and to reflect on the differences and similarities in biological science now and then.