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Our education team

Key Roles

Emma Newall, Science Education Consultant
is a Freelance Science Communication Consultant with considerable experience in interpreting topics in biological science for a variety of audiences and in particular school students. Prior to working with schools Emma worked for a number of years as both a medical researcher studying the control of gene expression and then within the clinical genetics environment as a genetic counselor. This has given her a thorough and well-rounded understanding of research and its application. With a passion for science communication, she joined the Science Learning Centre London in 2004, providing Continuing Professional Development for science teachers. Emma has gone on to work extensively in the formal and informal science education sectors, with roles at the Natural History Museum and Nowgen, Manchester’s Genetic Knowledge Park. Emma has worked with Charles Darwin Trust since 2008 supporting the Trust’s programmes for schools and developing relationships with the science education community. Most recently Emma has been involved in the Trust’s Post-16 Biology programme, developing a resource to support the teaching and learning of concepts in genetics and evolution for A2 Biology.